Chapter 17: Working with Outlook


In this chapter you will learn to:

  • Start Outlook for the first time.

  • Read messages and open attachments.

  • Respond to messages.

  • Create new messages.

  • Use address books.

  • Attach files to messages.

  • Send and receive messages.

  • Print messages.

  • Create and send instant messages.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 is a personal information management program that helps you manage your time and information more effectively and enables you to share information and collaborate with others more easily.

Electronic mail, or e-mail , is an essential form of communication in today s workplace. In Outlook, you will find all the tools you need to use e-mail effectively and manage your electronic messages. With Outlook, you can:

  • Send and receive e-mail messages.

  • Attach files to your messages.

  • Create and manage an address book.

  • Organize and archive your messages.

  • Personalize your messages.

You can also use Outlook to send instant messages to your online contacts.

This chapter first discusses the ways Outlook can be set up and what to expect when you initially start the program. Then you ll learn how to create, read, respond to, and print messages; attach files to messages and open attachments; and create and use an address book. Finally, you will learn how to create and send instant messages from within Outlook.

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Do you need only a quick refresher on the topics in this chapter? See the Quick Reference entries on page xxxiii.


 On the CD    Before you can use the practice files in this chapter, you need to install them from the book s companion CD to their default location. See Using the Book s CD-ROM on page xxi for more information.

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