Introducing Oracle EM2Go


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Introducing Oracle EM2Go

The mobile version of OEM, called EM2Go, is a subset of OEM functionality that fulfills the information and administration requirements of a mobile user. After fielding that frantic call or page, administrators can resolve problems on the spot, even if they are away from the office. EM2Go leverages the architecture of OEM and shares the same OC4J instance, so no additional infrastructure is required to use EM2Go.

Like the OEM Console, EM2Go provides a very intuitive interface that makes enterprise management much like clicking on a set of web links from your PDA. Performance is one of EM2Go's best features, as ease of use results not only from the layout but also from how quickly one is able to reach the desired information.

EM2Go Home Page

After entering preferred credentials on the EM2Go login page, a personal console home page is displayed, with a consolidated overview of your enterprise's health, as shown in Figure 9-13. This page is a useful starting point to quickly assess the availability and health of your Oracle environment. It provides high-level data to isolate and repair availability and performance problems. The Alerts and Availability section displays the number of critical, warning, and error alerts generated by all the managed targets, providing the ability to drill down so that you can investigate the problem that generated the alert.


FIGURE 9-13. The EM2Go home page


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