System.Security.Policy (mscorlib.dll)interface
public interface IMembershipCondition : System.Security.ISecurityEncodable,      System.Security.ISecurityPolicyEncodable { // Public Instance Methods    public bool Check(Evidence evidence);    public IMembershipCondition Copy(  );    public bool Equals(object obj);    public string ToString(  ); }

The IMembershipCondition interface defines the functionality that all membership condition classes must implement. Membership condition classes define the tests that assemblies and application domains must pass in order to qualify for membership of a CodeGroup. The Check( ) method takes an Evidence collection argument and returns true if it contains evidence objects that meet the set of criteria defined within the implementing membership condition class.

Implemented By

AllMembershipCondition, ApplicationDirectoryMembershipCondition, HashMembershipCondition, PublisherMembershipCondition, SiteMembershipCondition, StrongNameMembershipCondition, UrlMembershipCondition, ZoneMembershipCondition

Returned By

AllMembershipCondition.Copy( ), ApplicationDirectoryMembershipCondition.Copy( ), CodeGroup.MembershipCondition, HashMembershipCondition.Copy( ), PublisherMembershipCondition.Copy( ), SiteMembershipCondition.Copy( ), StrongNameMembershipCondition.Copy( ), UrlMembershipCondition.Copy( ), ZoneMembershipCondition.Copy( )

Passed To

CodeGroup.{CodeGroup( ), MembershipCondition}, FileCodeGroup.FileCodeGroup( ), FirstMatchCodeGroup.FirstMatchCodeGroup( ), NetCodeGroup.NetCodeGroup( ), UnionCodeGroup.UnionCodeGroup( )

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