System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class UIPermission : System.Security.CodeAccessPermission : IUnrestrictedPermission,     IBuiltInPermission { // Public Constructors    public UIPermission(PermissionState state);    public UIPermission(UIPermissionClipboard clipboardFlag);    public UIPermission(UIPermissionWindow windowFlag);    public UIPermission(UIPermissionWindow windowFlag, UIPermissionClipboard clipboardFlag); // Public Instance Properties    public UIPermissionClipboard Clipboard{set; get; }    public UIPermissionWindow Window{set; get; } // Public Instance Methods    public override IPermission Copy(  );         // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override void FromXml(System.Security.SecurityElement esd);   // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override IPermission Intersect(System.Security.IPermission target);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override bool IsSubsetOf(System.Security.IPermission target);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public bool IsUnrestricted(  );      // implements IUnrestrictedPermission    public override SecurityElement ToXml(  );    // overrides CodeAccessPermission    public override IPermission Union(System.Security.IPermission target);  // overrides CodeAccessPermission }

The UIPermission class controls the ability of code to access clipboard functionality as well as various windows elements of the user interface. Values from the UIPermissionClipboard and UIPermissionWindow enumerations are used in the UIPermission constructor to configure the level of access represented. The Clipboard and Window properties allow code to access and modify the configuration after construction.


System.Object System.Security.CodeAccessPermission(System.Security.IPermission, System.Security.ISecurityEncodable, System.Security.IStackWalk) UIPermission(IUnrestrictedPermission, IBuiltInPermission)

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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