System.Security.Permissions (mscorlib.dll)sealed class
public sealed class StrongNamePublicKeyBlob { // Public Constructors    public StrongNamePublicKeyBlob(byte[  ] publicKey); // Public Instance Methods    public override bool Equals(object obj);   // overrides object    public override int GetHashCode(  ); // overrides object    public override string ToString(  ); // overrides object }

The StrongNamePublicKeyBlob class is used in conjunction with the constructor and PublicKey properties of the StrongNameIdentityPermission class. It provides a convenient container for passing byte arrays that represent the public key component of a strong name. A byte array containing the raw public key data must be passed to the StrongNamePublicKeyBlob constructor because no properties or methods are provided to manipulate the data.

Returned By

StrongNameIdentityPermission.PublicKey, System.Security.Policy.StrongName.PublicKey, System.Security.Policy.StrongNameMembershipCondition.PublicKey

Passed To

StrongNameIdentityPermission.{PublicKey, StrongNameIdentityPermission( )}, System.Security.Policy.StrongName.StrongName( ), System.Security.Policy.StrongNameMembershipCondition.{PublicKey, StrongNameMembershipCondition( )}

Programming. NET Security
Programming .Net Security
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