1. The project manager is ultimately responsible and accountable for the project.

  2. Projects should be aligned and prioritized with the organization's strategic direction.

  3. The earlier in the project lifecycle, the more risk for the project and the more influence management has on it.

  4. Historical records and lessons learned are very valuable.

  5. Stakeholder management is an ongoing, continuous process throughout the project lifecycle.

  6. The success or failure of a project is determined during project planning.

  7. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a "must-have" for any project manager and serves as the basis for most project planning.

  8. The person (people) who will do the work should estimate the work.

  9. The most important task and skill of the project manager is effective project communication.

  10. The project team should be involved in all project-planning activities.

  11. The project plan is an all-encompassing document and must contain cost and schedule baselines in order to determine project performance during execution.

  12. Project changes will occur. Changes should be expected, planned for, and well managed when they occur.

  13. Earned value is the best project-controlling technique.

  14. The project team should solve its own problems and resolve its own issues whenever possible.

  15. Quality is planned into a project, not inspected in.

  16. Risk management is an ongoing, continuous process performed by the entire project team.

  17. Preventing a risk event is always preferred to mitigating a risk event.

  18. Closing processes (administrative closure) should occur at the end of each project phase, not just at the end of the project.

  19. "Lessons learned" describe the knowledge the team and stakeholders gained by actually performing the project and are an invaluable source of project management information.

PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
PMP Exam Cram 2. Project Management Professional
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