Moving On...

Installing and uninstalling software are some of the most mundane tasks you can perform on your Mac. Yet they're also some of the tasks that users find the most mystifying. Hopefully this chapter has helped you become both more familiar with these processes and better equipped to take advantage of them.

At this point I've discussed some of the major conceptual topics that surround OS X, and covered a bunch of the possible setup and startup options available to you. These topics—permissions, accounts, preferences, startup/login, and installing software—really form the basis of mastering Mac OS X, as many of the topics and tips we cover in the rest of the book will involve some combination of the skills and knowledge you've gained. Now that you've got a handle on these topics, it's time to start talking about the ways you use OS X every day, and how to do those things better, faster, easier, and cooler. Part II will cover such topics as the Finder, the Dock, applications, and the Classic Environment.

Mac OS X Power Tools
Mac OS X Power Tools
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