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directx 9 audio exposed: interactive audio development
DirectX 9 Audio Exposed: Interactive Audio Development
by Todd M. Fay, Scott Selfon and Todor J. Fay (eds) ISBN:1556222882
Wordware Publishing 2004 (532 pages)

This text features a look into the most advanced interactive music and audio development system in history. DirectX Audio, a suite of tools and technologies allows software engineers and content creators to create interactive, adaptive audio content.

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Table of Contents
DirectX 9 Audio Exposed—Interactive Audio Development
Unit I - Producing Audio with DirectMusic
Chapter 1 - DirectMusic Concepts
Chapter 2 - Linear Playback
Chapter 3 - Variation
Chapter 4 - Interactive and Adaptive Audio
Chapter 5 - DirectMusic Producer
Chapter 6 - Working with Chord Tracks and ChordMaps
Chapter 7 - DirectX Audio Scripting
Unit II - Programming with DirectX Audio
Chapter 8 - DirectX Audio Programming 101
Chapter 9 - The Loader
Chapter 10 - Segments
Chapter 11 - AudioPaths
Chapter 12 - Scripting
Chapter 13 - Sound Effects
Chapter 14 - Notifications
Unit III - DirectX Audio Case Studies
Chapter 15 - A DirectMusic Case Study for Russian Squares for Windows XP Plus Pack
Chapter 16 - A DirectMusic Case Study for No One Lives Forever
Chapter 17 - A DirectSound Case Study for Halo
Chapter 18 - A DirectMusic Case Study for Interactive Music on the Web
Chapter 19 - A DirectMusic Case Study for Worms Blast
Chapter 20 - A DirectMusic Case Study for Asheron's Call 2: The Fallen Kings
Chapter 21 - Beyond Games: Bringing DirectMusic into the Living Room
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