List of Tables

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in JDO

Table 1-1: JDO Managed Life Cycle States
Table 1-2: Attributes of the JDO Management States

Chapter 2: Queries

Table 2-1: JDOQL Operators
Table 2-2: JDO Query Methods
Table 2-3: The State of Two Foo and Four Bar Objects
Table 2-4: The Cached State of Red and Blue Trucks Prior to Query Execution

Chapter 5: Enhanced Classes and Managed Fields

Table 5-1: Attributes of the Metadata class Tag
Table 5-2: Attributes of the Metadata field Tag
Table 5-3: Attributes of the Metadata collection Tag
Table 5-4: Attributes of the Metadata map Tag
Table 5-5: Attributes of the Metadata extension Tag

Chapter 6: Factories that Produce Persistence Managers

Table 6-1: Identifying Strings for the Supported Implementation Options
Table 6-2: Simple Connection Properties
Table 6-3: Connection Factory Properties

Chapter 7: Helpers, Callbacks, and Exceptions

Table 7-1: Five Methods That Detect an Object's JDO Management State

Using and Understanding Java Data Objects
Using and Understanding Java Data Objects
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