TCK (pronounced "tickle")

Technology Compatibility Kit, a test suite used by the Java Community Process to certify that an implementation of an API conforms to the specification.


One or more interactions with a transactional service that the service combines into one unit of work. When it combines the interactions within a transaction, the service guarantees that the view of information can be influenced only by well-defined events and that it will accept (commit) or reject (roll back) all changes as a whole.

Transactional datastore

A datastore that provides ACID transactions.

Transactional field

An instance field of the application data object whose value JDO manages transactionally, but not persistently. If the object becomes dirty, the value of the field may be restored upon rollback.

Transactional object

A data object that JDO is managing transactionally. As a result, JDO tracks the changes to the object, and it may roll back the object's state when the transaction rolls back.

Transactional state of an object

The values of all of an object's persistent and transactional fields after that object has joined the transaction.


In the Java language, the transient keyword modifies a member field's declaration, and prevents the Java serialization mechanism from storing the field's value during serialization. In JDO, a transient object is either not a data object or not a persistent data object.

See also Unmanaged object.

See also JDO-transient.

Transparent persistence

The implicit persistence services provided by JDO without specific application requests.

Using and Understanding Java Data Objects
Using and Understanding Java Data Objects
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