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managing for knowledge: hr's strategic role
Managing for Knowledge: HR's Strategic Role
by Christina Evans ISBN:0750655666
Butterworth Heinemann 2003

This book shows how human resource professionals can make real strategic and operational business impact beyond the traditional scope of the "personnel department."

Table of Contents
Managing for Knowledge—HR’s Strategic Role
Part One - The Strategic Context For HR’s Role In Managing For Knowledge
Chapter 1 - The Changing World Of Business And The Imperative For Managing Knowledge
Chapter 2 - The Changing Role Of HR – From Operational To Strategic HR
Chapter 3 - Towards A Blueprint For Building A Knowledge-Centric Culture
Part Two - Building A Knowledge-Centric Culture
Chapter 4 - Structures, Roles And Responsibilities In A Knowledge-Centric Culture
Chapter 5 - HR’s Role In Building A Knowledge-Centric Culture
Chapter 6 - Re-Visiting Learning In The Knowledge Economy
Chapter 7 - Understanding The Motivation For Learning Amongst Knowledge Workers
Chapter 8 - Working And Learning In Communities Of Practice
Part Three - Building HR’s KM Credibility and Capabilities
Chapter 9 - Aligning HR and KM Practices
Chapter 10 - Knowing What We Know: Language And Tools For Knowledge Mapping
Chapter 11 - Building Your KM Toolkit
Chapter 12 - Using Technology Wisely
Chapter 13 - Summary And Conclusions
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Managing the Knowledge - HR's Strategic Role
Managing for Knowledge: HRs Strategic Role
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