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Package Manager  
padding, CSS Box category and  
Page Properties dialog box  
       tracing images and  
pages   [See documents files]
panel category selector menu  
       arranging/returning to default position  
       keyboard shortcuts for   2nd  
       preference for stacking order of  
Panels category  
paragraph breaks  
       CSS Border category and  
       editable regions and  
               HTML styles and  
Parameters dialog box, Java applets and  
parentheses () in regular expressions  
password protection  
       text fields for  
performance   [See also testing]
       extensions and  
       graphics software and  
period (.) indicating class selector  
permissions, setting in remote files  
Photoshop, dithering and  
PHP tags  
PHP.xml file  
PI   [See Property inspector]
placeholders for hidden objects  
Play button (Assets panel)  
Play button (timeline frames )  
Play Sound behavior  
Play Sound dialog box  
Play Timeline behavior  
Play Timeline dialog box  
playback head  
playback speed for animations  
       vs. ActiveX controls  
       audio playback and  
       keyboard shortcuts for  
       web site planning and  
plus (+) button  
       Find and Replace feature and  
       in Insert Navigation Bar Dialog box  
plus (+) icon displaying links   2nd  
Point-to-File icon  
pop-up menus  
       Add Behavior   2nd   3rd  
       Assets panel and  
       creating, in Fireworks  
       Favorites List and  
       list/menu fields for  
       manipulating files and  
       menu bars and  
       New Library item and  
       Record Path and  
       renaming files and  
       selecting tags and  
       Show/Hide Link and  
       Window Size Selector  
pop-up messages  
Popup Message behavior  
Popup Message dialog box  
Portable Network Graphics   [See .png files]
       of layers  
       of objects, CSS Positioning category and  
Positioning category  
pound sign (#) indicating ID selectors  
Preferences dialog box  
prefix for protocols  
Preformatted Text ()  
Preload Images behavior  
Preview in Browser category  
       HTML documents  
               browser preferences for  
       Shockwave objects  
primary browser   2nd  
       debugging operations and   2nd  
       preference for  
Procedure 1\: creating lists  
Procedure 2\: defining web sites  
Procedure 3\: creating tables  
Procedure 4\: creating rollover images  
Procedure 5\: resizing layers  
Procedure 6\: animating layers  
Procedure 7\: adding special characters  
Productivity extension category
       Open Picture Window Fever! extension and  
       Set Permissions extension and  
Programs -> Macromedia Extension Manager -> Macromedia Extension Manager  
properties   [See formatting]
Property inspector  
       changing properties of layers with  
       images and, setting options for  
pseudo-class selectors  
       styles for, applying/clearing  
Put   [See uploading, files]
Put button  

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