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Figure 1: IOIS management framework

Chapter I: An Introduction to Inter-Organizational Information Systems with Selected Bibliography

Figure 1: IOIS management framework

Chapter II: A Typology of Inter-Organizational Information Systems

Figure 1: Security structure

Chapter III: Classifying B2B Inter-Organizational Systems: A Role Linkage Perspective

Figure 1: Horizontal and vertical linking of firms over an IOS
Figure 2: A framework for inter-organizational systems
Figure 3: The five-step process for IOS planning

Chapter IV: Information Technology Infrastructure for Inter-Organizational Systems

Figure 1: The secured intranet access model Source: Bort and Felix (1997, p. 10).
Figure 2: The specialized application model Source: Bort and Felix (1997, p. 11).
Figure 3: The e-commerce model Source: Bort and Felix (1997, p. 11).
Figure 4: The architecture of a virtual private network extranet
Figure 5: Workflow reference model diagram

Chapter V: Application Service Provision: A Working Tool for Inter-Organization Systems in the Internet Age

Figure 1: Preferred ASP definition
Figure 2: Four decades of momentous shifts in IS strategy
Figure 3: Risk vs. benefit for ASP project
Figure 4: Leading BPM suppliers (Source: Internet Age)
Figure 5: WEB services trajectory Source: Sandhill Group.

Chapter VI: Business Associations as Hubs of Inter-Organizational Information Systems for SMEs–The 2Cities Portal

Figure 1: The two-dimensional classification scheme of interfirm relations (a) and ICT solutions (b).
Figure 2: The VAP and the relationships it should be able to support

Chapter VII: IOIS and Interfirm Networks–Interdependencies and Managerial Challenges

Figure 1: A typology of inter-organizational information systems Source: Adapted from Kumar and van Dissel (1996).
Figure 2: Information management framework Source: Adapted from Wollnik (1988).
Figure 3: The network management framework
Figure 4: IOIS cases in different life cycle stages
Figure 5: IOIS management framework

Chapter IX: Evolution of DSS from Single User DSS to Inter-Organizational DSS

Figure 1: Evolution of decision support systems

Chapter X: An Examination of Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems

Figure 1: Potential inter-organizational DSS target users
Figure 2: Web-based IODSS architecture

Chapter XI: Evaluating Inter-Organizational Information Systems

Figure 1: General awareness specification, expressed as activity heuristics and identity heuristics. This specification is application-independent.
Figure 2: Awareness relationship matrix for the hypothetical application used by retailers and suppliers. (Numbers indicate the number of participants in each role.)
Figure 3: Awareness needs in synchronous versus asynchronous applications. (“Yes” means the heuristic is applicable; “No” means the heuristic is not applicable.)
Figure 4: Awareness policy for the case study. (None of the awareness heuristics are deleted in this example, and no extra heuristics have been added. Notations to the worksheet are indicated by the Comic Sans MS font.)
Figure 5: Sample privacy policy for the case study, showing what the buyer cannot know about the sales representative’s activities.
Figure 6: Example portion of master scenario worksheet developed for the case study.
Figure 7: A shared Groove space

Chapter XII: Comparative Pairs Analysis for Inter-Organizational Information Systems (IOIS) Research

Figure 1: Alternative units of data collection for IOIS chain research
Figure 2: Theoretical framework – Inter-organizational information feedback system in a chain context Source: Adapted from Storer (2001).

Chapter XIII: Empirical Evidence on How Information Technology Encourages the Creation of Strategic Networks

Figure 1: A preliminary theoretical model
Figure 2: The role of IT in the formation of networks

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