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C programming language 2nd
cache size for Perl modules
Calculator application
caret (^)
case conditionals
case sensitivity
        case insensitive searches with grep
        changing case in vi
        sudo command and
        Unix and Mac OS Extended file systems
cat command
        about 2nd
        Aqua interface vs.
        seeing entire file without pausing
        viewing text with
cd command
        about 2nd
        changing directories with 2nd
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
        creating script for Apache Web server
        further resources on
        installing program in personal Sites directory
        escaping with backslash
        matching 2nd
        negating class of
cheat sheets for vi
checklist for system security
chgrp command
child processes
chmod command
        ACL options with
        origin of name
        permission options for 2nd
chown command 2nd
chroot command
Classic Mac metadata
closed-source software
colon (:)
command line [See also configuring Unix environments]
        about standard input and output
        adding user from
        Apache Web server activated from
        AppleShare servers configured from
        arguments in
        background commands run from
        blocking ports with ipfw utility
        common commands from
        copying/pasting between clipboard and
        creating shell script from
        editing files from
        Finder configured from
        Fink configured from
        FTP server activated from
        getting to via Terminal
        listing basic Unix commands
        logging into interface
        Mac defaults system configured from 2nd
        making full and incremental backups from
        monitoring system activity from
        MySQL controlled from 2nd
        opening files from
        operators and special characters in
        parts of
        piping output from any command to mail
        printing from 2nd
        protecting spaces in
        relative and absolute paths
        running as root
        running command from
        searching for files with mdfind
        seeing updated list of processes
        sending e-mail from
        SSH servers controlled from
        stopping commands
        System Preferences configured from
        text editing from
        Trash used from
        Unix environments configured from
        updating software from
        using 2nd
        using command-line arguments in script
        wildcards in 2nd
command mode
        changing text in
        deleting text in vi
        vi editor 2nd
commands. [See also specific commands]
        applying to each file found
        arguments with
        creating pipelines of
        for looking through logs
        getting help for
        listing basic
        Mac applications vs. Unix
        names of Unix
        options with
        piping output to e-mail
        regularly scheduled
        running daily
        running from command line
        running shell scripts like
        switching to vi edit mode
        types of Unix
        using within commands for scripts
        using within variable
        vi editor
        viewing built-in help for
Common Gateway Interface. [See CGI]
Common Unix Printing System (CUPS)
compiling software
        learning more about
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. [See CPAN]
compressing files with gzip
computers. [See also remote computers]
        hostname for 2nd 3rd
        monitoring processes and system load
        physical security of
        sharing disks with other Unix
        showing system status with shell script
        using in single-user mode
concatenate. [See cat command]
        if...then...else structure
        defaults system 2nd
        Finder to display hidden files
        launchd daemon
        MySQL database server
        Terminal vs. shells
        vi editor
configuring Unix environments [See also environment variables ]
        changing mask
        changing PATH
        configuring shell
        configuring Terminal vs. shell
        customizing shell prompt
        finding shell configuration files
        Mac defaults system 2nd
        prompt macros for tcsh shell
        settings for vi
        shell aliases
        working with environment variables
content index
Control C
control structures [See also conditionals; loops ]
cooperative multitasking
        across Internet
        ditto for file
        files 2nd
        from command line and pasting to clipboard
correcting permission problems
counting lines, words, and bytes
cp command
        backing up with
        copying files and directories
        options for
        selecting files to be copied
CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
        building on prerequisite modules
        choosing servers to download from
        configuring terminal and shell interface
        further resources
        installing Perl module from cpan shell prompt
        proxy-server options in
        retrying download process in
        searching for Perl modules
        selecting cache size for
        setting FTP_PASSIVE environment variable to true
        viewing Perl modules and available versions
cron daemon
        restricting use of
        scheduling jobs with
crontab files
        /etc/crontab files
        running daily commands with
csh (Bourne shell)
        about 2nd
        changing environment variables in
CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)
curl client, about
curly bracket ({ }) characters
        adding text before, after, or above
        changing character under
        changing text in relationship to
        moving in vi
cut command
        printing single field from file
        processing whitespace with awk and
cw command

Unix for Mac OS X 10. 4 Tiger. Visual QuickPro Guide
Unix for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0321246683
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 161
Authors: Matisse Enzer

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