Renaming and Rearranging Sources

You'll undoubtedly want to rename everything in the Source pane to give the items descriptive names. Plus, since iPhoto initially lists sources in the order you created them, you'll probably want to move them around in the list.

Ways to rename a source:

  • Double-click the source's name, and then edit the name (Figure 3.26).

    Figure 3.26. To rename a source (such as one you just duplicated), double-click its name and edit it, or select it and edit the name in the Name field in the Information pane.

  • Select a source, and then edit its name in the Name field in the Information pane (Figure 3.26).

To rearrange the source list:

  • Drag a source to the desired location in the list. Note the black bar that indicates where the item will appear when you drop it (Figure 3.27).

    Figure 3.27. To move an item in the source list, drag it to the desired location.


  • All names must be unique.

  • Each type of sourcefolders, albums, smart albums, books, cards, calendars, and saved slideshowssorts together (both in the Source pane and inside folders), and you can rearrange items only within each type.

  • You can also enter comments about the source in the Comments field of the Information pane.

  • You can use iPhoto's spelling tools while editing names and comments. See "Checking Spelling as You Type" in Chapter 7, "Cards, Books, and Calendars."

  • You can -click or -click to select and move multiple sources at once.

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