What s New in Organize Mode

What's New in Organize Mode

If you've used previous versions of iPhoto, you'll want to pay attention to the new features iPhoto 6 brings to organize mode.

New features in organize mode:

  • The new cards and calendars are, like books, independent entities that are parallel to albums, smart albums, and slideshows in the Source pane.

  • When you scroll through your photos in organize mode using the scroller in the scroll bar, iPhoto displays a translucent pop-up containing the date of the visible photos and, if you're in the Library album, the name of the current film roll (Figure 3.1). Unfortunately, it doesn't work if you use a scroll wheel to scroll.

    Figure 3.1. As you scroll, iPhoto 6 now displays a translucent pop-up that helps you figure out where you are in the album.

  • You can now include EXIF data when defining smart albums, which enables you to create smart albums containing images selected by aperture, camera model, flash, focal length, ISO, or shutter speed.

  • When filtering the contents of the display pane by keywords, you can now choose whether selecting multiple keywords presents photos matching any of the selected keywords or only those photos that have all the selected keywords.

  • Performance is distinctly better.

Albums and Books and Slideshows, Oh My!

Versions of iPhoto before iPhoto 5 put only albums in the Source pane. In fact, because of that, I called it the "album pane" in earlier editions of this book. However, in iPhoto 5 and later, other types of items can appear in the panealbums, smart albums, books, cards, calendars, slideshows, and foldersso I'm following Apple's lead in calling them "sources" and the pane itself the "Source pane." In most cases, things you can do to one type of source (like delete it, move it around, or add photos to it), you can do to all the types of sources. When that's the case, I'll use the term "sources"; when there are exceptions, I'll use the specific term or call out the exception.

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