Entering and Editing Text

Once you have laid out all your pages to your satisfaction, you can enter or edit the text that appears with the photos.

Ways to enter or edit text:

  • Click a text box and either enter new text or edit the existing text. While you're editing, iPhoto displays a selection rectangle around the text box (Figure 7.25).

    Figure 7.25. To edit or enter text, click a text box and enter new text or edit the existing text. If there is too much text in the text box, a warning icon appears to alert you when you click out of the box. No scroll bars will appear; you must edit the extra text blindly.

  • You can use all the standard editing techniques and commands that you've become accustomed to as a Mac usercommands like Cut, Copy, and Paste, not to mention double- and triple-clicking.

  • You can check the spelling of your text. See "Checking Spelling as You Type," in this chapter.


  • If you leave iPhoto's placeholder text alone, those text boxes won't appear in the final book. Photos don't take over the empty space; it just prints blank.

  • iPhoto can pick up existing album names, titles, and comments for books if Automatically Enter Photo Information is selected in the settings dialog.

  • Changes you make to titles and comments no longer propagate to other modes, as they did in previous versions of iPhoto.

  • iPhoto no longer tries to simplify editing by zooming in on the page in the display pane so the text displays larger. Now you must zoom in manually, using the main size slider (Figure 7.26).

    Figure 7.26. It's helpful to zoom in using the size slider so you can see what you're typing.

  • If you copy and paste text, the fontrelated information of the copied text accompanies the pasted text, which may not be desirable.

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iPhoto 6 for Mac OS X
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