Designing Book Pages

If you choose to lay out your photos on pages manually (and you should), you need to make a number of choices about how each page will look.

To design a page:


Select a page by clicking it.


From the Page Type pop-up menu, choose either the page type (Introduction, One, Two, etc.) or the number of photos you want to appear on the page (Figure 7.15).

Figure 7.15. Choose the number of photos you want to appear on the page from the Page Type pop-up menu.

iPhoto changes the design of the selected page, pushing already placed photos up to the unplaced photo list if you reduced the number of available photo slots.


Add, remove, or rearrange photos within the available slots.


From the Page Design pop-up menu, choose a design (Figure 7.16).

Figure 7.16. Next, choose a design from the Page Design pop-up menu.


Repeat steps 24 until you have the page looking exactly as you want.


  • Each theme offers different page design possibilities, ranging from none (Picture Book) to some that vary primarily by background color (Watercolor, Crayon). Spend some time looking at the page designs in each theme to get a feel for which ones you like the most.

  • If you want your cover image to appear inside the book as well, you must duplicate it (see "Duplicating Photos" in Chapter 4, "Editing Photos").

  • After the cover page, which is required, the other page designs are optional.

  • The more photos in a page design, the smaller they appear on the page.

More Tips

  • The page designs assume an aspect ratio of 4 x 3, so if you use a non-standard cropping ratio, photos may not line up as you expect (see "Cropping Photos" in Chapter 4, "Editing Photos"). A different page design or photo arrangement might help, or you may have to zoom in on the photo and drag it within the slot frame.

  • At any time, you can click the Autoflow button to have iPhoto lay out the rest of the photos in the unplaced photo list automatically. I recommend against it.

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