Installing iPhoto

Installing iPhoto from the iLife '06 package requires almost no effort at all.

To install iPhoto:


Insert the iLife CD or DVD.


In the Install window that appears after mounting the CD or DVD, double-click the iLife 06 icon (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1. Double-click the iLife 06 icon to start the installation process.


Click through the Introduction (Figure 1.2), Read Me, License, Select Destination (select your hard disk here), Installation Type, Install, and Finish Up steps.

Figure 1.2. The Introduction screen describes the iLife applications briefly.

When you're done, you end up with iPhoto (and the rest of the iLife applications) in your Applications folder.


  • The iLife installer won't allow you to install if any of the iLife applications are currently running; you must quit them before installing.

  • If you don't want to install some of the iLife applications (iDVD and GarageBand take up a lot of disk space), click Customize in the Installation Type screen and select only the applications you want (Figure 1.3).

    Figure 1.3. If you don't want to install all the iLife applications, click Customize in the Installation Type screen and select only those you do want.

  • The installer calculates whether or not you have enough disk space; if you're on the edge, install only iPhoto.

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