The Product Feature Matrix

The first installation decision you'll make is to select the appropriate SharePoint product for your implementation. In general, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 offers only collaboration tools, but is covered by the operating system license. SharePoint Server 2007 is offered in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. The binaries installed are the same for both the Standard and Enterprise editions, but some features are disabled in the Standard edition. The same installation source is used for both editions, and the choice of Standard or Enterprise is determined by the Product Key entered during installation. An installation of Standard Edition can be upgraded to Enterprise in Central Administration without performing additional installation. To change from Enterprise to Standard however requires an uninstall and reinstall of the product. Table 5-1 provides a feature comparison of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and the two versions of SharePoint Server 2007.

Table 5-1: Feature Comparison
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Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

SharePoint Server 2007 Standard Edition

SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Edition


Central Administration

Site Administration

Incoming Email

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Search

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Web Application

Web Content Services: Publishing, Content Deployment, Variations

Portal Services: Profiles, Audiences, Personalization

Document & Records Management

Office Search

Document Conversions

Excel Server

InfoPath Forms

Line Of Business Interoperability (Business Data Catalog)


Mobility Shortcut URL

Team Collaboration Lists

Standard Content Type Definitions

Standard Field Definitions

Issue Tracking Workflow



RSS Feeds

Data Connection Library

Document Center Enhancements

Translation Management Library


Slide Library

Office Server Standard (User profiles, Search, Personalization, and so on)

Workflows (Approval, Collect Signatures, Collect Feedback, Disposition, Translation Management)


Office Enterprise:

  • Business Data Catalog, Forms services, Excel services, Key Performance Indicator and various Business Intelligence Web Parts

Site Templates

Blank, Team, Document Workspace, Wiki, Blog, Meeting Workspaces

Records Center, My Site Host, Document Center, Personalization, Site Directory, Report Center, Search Center, Search Center with tabs, Publishing Portal, Collaboration Portal, Publishing, Publishing with workflow


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