B.3 DumpClass

B.3 DumpClass


 COM.sootNsmoke.oolong.DumpClass  Print a detailed description of    a class file. 

Abbreviated name



 java COM.sootNsmoke.oolong.DumpClass file1.class ... java DumpClass file1.class ... 


DumpClass writes a complete description of the input class file, detailing what each byte means. DumpClass can be used to examine the internal structure of a class file. Some uses include

  • Examining broken class files that cannot be disassembled

  • Looking for verification errors

  • Learning more about how the class file format works

The format of the output is divided into three columns: location, hex dump, and interpretation. The location gives the offset into the file in hexadecimal. The hex dump shows the bytes at that location. The interpretation column says what those bytes mean.

Programming for the Java Virtual Machine
Programming for the Javaв„ў Virtual Machine
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