B.2 Gnoloo

B.2 Gnoloo


COM.sootNsmoke.oolong.Gnoloo Disassemble a class file into Oolong.

Abbreviated name



 java COM.sootNsmoke.oolong.Gnoloo [-d directory] file1.class ... java Gnoloo [-d directory] [-] file1.class ... 


Gnoloo generates an Oolong source file, as described in section B.4, which corresponds to the source file. The source file should be a .class file, like that produced from a Java compiler or the Oolong assembler. If the input is not a .class file or is an improperly formatted class file, then disassembly is not possible.

By default, Gnoloo creates a file called file1.j for the input class file1.class. This file is in the Oolong language, suitable for use with the Oolong assembler.

If the argument - is given, then the output will go to the standard output device (as given by System.out).

Note that the input is the name of a class file, not the name of a Java class.

The main executable class is called COM.sootNsmoke.oolong.Oolong. The class Oolong, in the default package, is also provided, which has a main method that calls the main in COM.sootNsmoke.oolong.Oolong. This class is a convenience if you don't want to type the longer name when compiling.


d directory Place generated .j files into directory.
- Write output to System.out instead of to the source file.

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Programming for the Javaв„ў Virtual Machine
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