Basic DEployment Scenarios

Avaya supports many configurations and deployment scenarios, based on enterprise size , number of sites, and operational requirements. A nonredundant small enterprise deployment could consist of only a G350 gateway with a S8300 Communication Manager module as the primary call controller, an MM710 T1/E1 ISDN PRI module to interface with the PSTN, and several IP phones. This scenario is illustrated in Figure 8-8.

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Figure 8-8: Small site configuration

In contrast, enterprises with a large number of phones require many more components to distribute and handle the signaling and media loads. A large enterprise with thousands of hard and/or soft IP phones requires one or more carrier ( shelves ) or cabinets of media processor (MedPro) cards. The MedPro cards possess the DSPs required to convert to/from whatever codec is being used internally to compress and packetize audio for transmission over the IP network and the non-IP enterprise telephony devices or the PSTN interface. The MedPro cabinets may also be the site of audio conferencing operations. In large deployments, IP phones communicate their signaling to an intermediate cabinet containing CLAN cards, which are front-end signaling concentrators . The C-LAN and MedPro cards communicate as needed with the Communication Manager over an IPSI (IP Server Interface). Figure 8-9 illustrates a larger deployment, with an S8700 Media Server and G650 Media Gateway (which contains the C-LAN and MedPro cards) and composed of several smaller sites.

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Figure 8-9: Large site configuration containing several small sites

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