Erasing VLAN Configurations

1900 Series Switch

1900Switch#delete vtp

Deletes all VLAN information from the switch and resets VTP parameters to the factory defaults



1900Switch(config)#int fa 0/2


1900Switch(config-if)#no vlan static 2

Removes interface from VLAN 2 and puts it back into default VLAN 1



1900Switch(config)#no vlan 2 name Engineering

Removes only VLAN 2 from database



2900/2950 Series Switch

2900Switch#delete flash:vlan.dat

Removes entire VLAN database from Flash memory

Make sure there is no space between the colon (:) and the characters vlan.dat. You can potentially erase the entire contents of Flash memory with this command if the syntax is not correct

2900Switch#delete flash:


Delete filename [ ]? vlan.dat

Removes entire VLAN database from Flash memory

Delete flash:vlan.dat? [confirm]

Press the key




2900Switch#config t


2900Switch(config)#int fa 0/3


2900Switch(config-if)#no switchport access vlan 3

Removes port from VLAN 3 and reassigns it to default VLAN 1





2900Switch#vlan database

Enters VLAN database mode

2900(vlan)#no vlan 3

Removes only VLAN 2 from database


Applies changes and exits VLAN database mode


For the 1900 series switch, removing a VLAN from the database does not reassign ports in that VLAN back to the default Management VLAN. You must also go into the specific interface and reassign the ports as well.


For any series switch, you cannot remove VLAN 1.

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