Test Your Thinking

Chapter 7: Test Your Thinking

The projects in this section use the skills you've acquired in this chapter. The answers to these projects are available to instructors only through a Prentice Hall sales representative and are intended to be used in classroom discussion and assessment.

In this chapter's Test Your Thinking project, assume that you have completed the development of your own Web site. Go to 3 search engines to see when and where your site shows up. This also gives you a chance to do some competitive analysis and to see if anyone is infringing on your copyright or trademarks. In addition, check the "Legal Notices" section of the Amazon.com Web site for examples.

1)How does your contract define the completion of the Web site? When do you know you are done?
2)Develop a legal statement for your Web site covering the copyright issues to put on each page of your Web site.
3)Are there any other legal issues that should be covered for your Web site (check the Amazon.com Web site's example to see the kinds of things that might need to be covered)?
4)Do a search engine search on your Web site (or another one) and evaluate the results. How can you use those results to see if a competitor is infringing on a copyrighted or trademarked property?

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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