Keep That Lasso Straight

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We're not talking about the rodeo here, but this is something just as fun. Well, almost. Using the Lasso Tool is typically similar to using the Pencil Tool, where you draw your selection in free-form fashion and then proceed. But if you've ever had the need to make polygon selections, all you have to do is hold down the ALT key (OPT on Mac) while you make your selection, and you end up with nice neat lines instead of messy curves from your mouse.

You don't have to click and drag as you normally would. Just click to start, and then click each point of your polygon selection. When you're done, double-click the last point or release the ALT key (OPT on Mac) to actually make the selection. Yeah, it's the same thing as turning on the polygon option for the tool, but with half the work. And you know what they say... "Half the work done is half the work saved." Okay, I made that up.

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