Rounding the Corner

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By now you know how to make a simple rectangle using the Rectangle Tool. That's fine if you want the standard right angles for your rectangle corners, but if you want something a little softer, take a look at this.

Select the Rectangle Tool and then press the Round Rectangle Radius option at the bottom of the Toolbar. Here you can set a value that will round the corners of the rectangle that you'll draw. Set it to 10 points to begin with and draw a quick rectangle. As you can see, you have nicely rounded corners now. Can you imagine trying to make these rounded corners without this little option? I know a guy who used to do it by hand over and over before discovering this one. The only thing to consider is that when you resize a rounded rectangle, the corners may appear to look less rounded. This is especially true when stretching in one direction but not the other. You may need to redraw the shape to fix that.

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