Two Birds, One Panel

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Open the Transform panel, if it's not already open, using Window > Design Panels > Transform (CTRL-T or CMD-T on Mac), and then select any object on your stage. In the Transform panel, enter a new scale, rotation, skew, or some combination thereof, and then press the Copy and Apply Transform button at the bottom of the panel (the one on the left). Look at thatyou now have a copy of what you had selected with the transformations you entered applied to it. This will really help save time for those of you who love to enter exact amounts for your transformations.


Make sure that you don't press Enter while your cursor is in any of the fields in the panel or your changes will be applied without making a copy (unless that's what you want). Oh, one last thing...Don't deactivate the Transform panel before applying the changes or you'll have to start over.

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