The Big Five

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There are five very basic, very common things that everyone must deal with when creating Flash content. I call these "The Big Five." Pretty clever, huh? That's cause I'm supa smawt.

Anyhow, these five basic activities should be easy to perform, and you shouldn't have to spend a lot of time doing so. Here are the big five along with their keyboard shortcuts to save you some time. I suggest you memorize these. Or not.

  1. Document Properties (CTRL-J) (CMD-J)

  2. Flash MX 2004 Preferences (CTRL-K) (CMD-K)

  3. Publish Settings (CTRL-SHIFT-F12) (OPT-SHIFT-F12)

  4. Publish (SHIFT-F12) (OPT-SHIFT-F12)

  5. Test Movie (CTRL-ENTER) (CMD-ENTER)

Of course there are many other shortcuts that are equally important, but these are the basic biggies.

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