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Nesting is placing animations inside symbols and symbols in symbols and so on.... It's always a good idea to make use of nesting as often as possible. I for one have often gone off the handle and been so carried away by my wonderful work that I forgot to create a symbol to contain it. I'm sure I'm not alone, right? But it's one thing to convert a selected object that's not moving into a symbol. It's something different to convert an entire timeline. Or is it?

To convert any timeline to a symbol, press CTRL-ALT-A (SHIFT-CMD-A on Mac) while viewing that timeline. You'll notice that this selects the entire timeline and everything on it. Now press CTRL-ALT-X or OPT-CMD-X on Mac (Cut Frames), then CTRL-F8 to create a new symbol. Name the symbol and press OK. This takes you to your new symbol's timeline. Once here, select the empty keyframe on Frame 1 and then press CTRL-ALT-V or CMD-F8 on Mac to paste your cut frames into the new timeline.



You'll have to clean up your original timeline a bit because it will have empty frames from the cut, but other than that, you're done.

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