Section A.9. The Help Menu

A.9. The Help Menu

The menus in this section provide assistance when Pages is giving you a hard timeor lead you to answers if you want to tap into some of the online resources that Apple provides.

A.9.1. Pages Help

Choose this command to open Pages Helpits electronic instruction manualin the Help Viewer program. Click Contents to browse for a help topic, or enter a search word or phrase in the field at the top of the window and press Return. The Help Viewer functions like a Web browser: click a blue, underlined link to move to a different page, use the backward and forward buttons to move to the previous or next page, and click the Home button to return to the Pages Help starting point. Keyboard equivalent: -?.

A.9.2. Pages Support

When you click this button, your Web browser opens and takes you to, Apple's online support site. Here you'll find information on the latest software updates and links to frequently asked questions. You'll also find a link to Apple's Pages Discussions forum where you can post questions, read comments from other Pages owners , and search the forum for information pertaining to your questions.

A.9.3. Pages Keyboard Shortcuts

When you choose this command, the Help Viewer opens and displays the complete list of keyboard shortcuts you can use while working with Pages.

A.9.4. Pages User Guide

Choose this command to open Preview and view the PDF version of the printed User's Guide that came with Pages. This file contains the same information as the printed guide but includes color illustrations. You can browse through the book using Preview's navigation toolbar or enter search words in its search field. Click any of the search results listed in the drawer to jump to that page of the guide.

A.9.5. iWork Tour

When you choose this command, Keynote opens and displays the iWork Tour slideshow, giving an overview of Pages' and Keynote's abilitiesand providing a great demonstration of a Keynote slideshow.

A.9.6. Pages on the Web

Choose this command to open your Web browser to Apple's product page for Pages. Here you can read highlights of the program's features and selling points, and even purchase a copy of iWork from the Apple Store.

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