Opening the Audio Editor

The process of volume adjustment is identical for embedded and disbanded audio. Liquid Edition allows you to freely alter the audio of either display using a variety of tools that lets you set the pace of your own workflow. At the same time, you can visualize the volume settings by displaying a volume line on an embedded or disbanded clip.

Totally rewritten for version 6, the Audio Editor is the heart and soul of audio editing in Liquid Edition. It's also remarkably simple to use.


  • If the Audio Editor is not open, then some of the tasks herefor example, adding audio keyframes, adjusting the volume level, and undoing audio keyframeswill not be possible. If what you are trying to do will not work, the first thing you need to check is whether the Audio Editor is actually open.

To open the Audio Editor

  • Click the Open Audio Editor button of press F4 on the keyboard.

    This opens the Audio Editor (Figure 7.9).

    Figure 7.9. The Audio Editor.


  • During playback the VU meters show yellow when the audio is in a safe range. When it peaks into red, the sound can become clipped, or it may drop out entirely. This is the digital equivalent of distortion, and you should monitor your VU meters carefully to make sure they stay out of the red.

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