Using UndoRedo

Using Undo/Redo

Undo in Liquid Edition has the universally recognized shortcut Ctrl+Z. However the Undo command has some restrictions that can seem confusing to the beginner. The basic rule for the Undo command is that it only affects certain elements on the Timelinenamely, the position, duration, and existence of either a media clip or a transition.

Other elements, such as filters, Timewarp, and any audio alterations are not affected by the Timeline Undo because they have their own integral Undo functions. See Chapters 7 and 9 for full details on how to undo these elements.


  • If you are unsure what effect using the Undo command will have, you can look at a complete Undo history by Ctrl+Shift+left-clicking the Undo button (Figure 6.8). Press Escape (Esc) to exit the Undo History screen.

    Figure 6.8. The complete Undo history for this Sequence. This history shows 61 possible Undos, which can be selected in any order.

  • The Redo command also performs as expected, taking the user one step forward.

  • Double-clicking any of the Undos or Redos displayed in the history will undo or redo that particular command.

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