Chapter 6. Fine-Tuning Your Edit

The Timeline view is the center hub of Liquid Edition. Once the media clips have been digitized or imported, organized into racks and folders, and, perhaps, roughly assembled in Liquid Edition's Storyboard mode, it's time to fine-tune the edit and prepare it for any special effects you might want to add.

In Chapter 5, you learned how to use the Storyboard mode to create a basic sequence that you then arranged into the rough order you needed. Then, in the last step, you sent this sequence to the Timeline for further editing. This chapter covers the various techniques you'll need to accomplish this fine-tuning and also those techniques you'll need to get the most from the interface, thus increasing your workflow and your productivity. You'll learn how to navigate the Timeline and insert media clips, but one general tip that you should learn right now is that a single right-click can go a long way in Liquid Edition, whichever interface you are working on. A simple right-click can expose a myriad of shortcut menus, allowing you to burrow quickly and deeply into the core power of Liquid Edition.

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