Opening the Timeline

If you have just finished Chapter 5, your interface will probably still be in Storyboard view. This needs to be changed to Timeline view in order to progress with the next section of task-based instructions.


  • If you are still in the Storyboard view, don't forget to send your Sequence to the Timeline by following the instructions at the end of Chapter 5 before swapping over to Timeline view.

  • If you are using a dual-screen setup, both Storyboard and Timeline will already be visible and this task will not be necessary.

To open the Timeline interface


Click the Eye button to open the various view options (Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1. View options for single-screen users. Dual-screen users, see Chapter 5.


Click the Timeline icon (Figure 6.2) so that your Liquid Edition desktop looks like Figure 6.3.

Figure 6.2. Icon to select the Timeline view.

Figure 6.3. The Timeline view showing the Project Browser and the Sequence constructed in Chapter 5.


  • Single-screen users can also access the Timeline interface by pressing Shift+F2.

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