Using XSend

One of Liquid Edition's most powerful features is its ability to export a clip from the Timeline or Project Browser to another application outside of Liquid Edition. This clip can then be edited in a compositing program such as Commotion or After Effects or, in the case of audio, you can clean it using any number of audio programs.

You accomplish this using the XSend command, which literally sends to X, where X is the application of your choice.

To use XSend

  • Right-click any clip in the Timeline or in the Project Browser and select XSend and any application from the available list (Figure 13.15).

    Figure 13.15. Right-click a clip, access the XSend To option, and select the target program.

    Liquid Edition then exports the clip and loads it into the application you selected (Figure 13.16).

    Figure 13.16. The selected clip opened inside Commotion ready for some serious compositing work.


  • If the application you want to use isn't listed, click Other. Then add the application by clicking the Add button and browsing to the .exe file of the application you have in mind (Figure 13.17).

    Figure 13.17. You can add any suitable application to the XSend list.

  • To XSend the whole Timeline, you need to fuse the clip and then XSend that to the application from the Project Browser. See the "Fusing a Sequence" section earlier in this chapter.

  • As an alternative to fusing the entire Timeline, you can build a container and XSend that. For details on containers, see Chapter 14.

XSend to Flash

Pinnacle offer the Flash file creation plug-in as a free download to all registered users of Liquid Edition. This plug-in allows you to create a file that's compatible with Flash authoring programs. Once installed, the Flash plug-in shows up automatically in the list of XSend choices.

Its worth noting that you still need a Flash authoring program to do anything meaningful with this file; this is because the file itself isn't something that you can play immediately inside a Flash application. However, because Flash is one of the most widely distributed formats on the Internet, buying such a program is probably a wise decision.

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