Chapter 7. The Value of Virtualization

Virtualization provides valuable support for running large numbers of Linux images on the mainframe. IBM mainframe virtualization technology is found in the z/VM product and in logical partitioning (LPAR). These technologies provide the infrastructure that enable, on one hand, numerous Linux images that use only small amounts of CPU, and, on the other hand, a few Linux images that consume large amounts of CPU to be hosted on a single mainframe. Such deployments might save your company money.

z/VM is the zSeries Virtual Machine operating system. This chapter explains why z/VM is ideally suited for large-scale Linux deployments and server consolidation. z/VM's ability to run hundreds of Linux images on a single machine opens a multitude of business possibilities. Because the powerful mainframe virtualization technology is little understood outside the mainframe world, this chapter should be especially useful for readers not familiar with the mainframe.

In this chapter, we discuss these questions:

  • What is z/VM, and how did its virtualization technology develop?

  • How does Linux run on z/VM?

  • What are the possibilities and benefits of running Linux under z/VM or on an LPAR?

Linux on the Mainframe
Linux on the Mainframe
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