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Linux® on the Mainframe
By John Eilert, Maria Eisenhaendler, Dorothea Matthaeus, Ingolf Salm
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date: June 02, 2003
ISBN: 0-13-101415-3
Pages: 464

Linux on the Mainframe is the comprehensive guide to the fastest growing trend in IT. IBM's Linux experts present peerless instruction in the art of planning for and making the most of a Linux mainframe. This book's in-depth coverage includes virtualization, deployment, data management, debugging, security, systems management, application porting, and much more.

  • Sample companies that demonstrate the strengths and potential shortcomings of Linux on the mainframe

  • Complete business analysis, including Total Cost of Ownership, server consolidation techniques, and IT infrastructure simplification

  • Examples of deploying middleware and other tools

  • In-depth introductions to the latest trends, developments, and technologies related to Linux on the mainframe

  • Background information on mainframes and Linux for the lay reader

  • Key techniques for deploying Linux servers and building integrated server environments

For anyone involved in the planning, deploying, management, or administration of a mainframe, Linux on the Mainframe is a vital resource.

Linux on the Mainframe
Linux on the Mainframe
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