Chapter 12. Building a Trouble-Ticket System

In this chapter

12.1 Trouble-Ticketing System

page 272

12.2 AJAX Reliance Scale

page 274

12.3 Creating the Back End

page 275

12.4 Exporting the Back End

page 282

12.5 Building the JavaScript Application

page 288

12.6 Login Component

page 299

12.7 User-Registration Component

page 305

12.8 Account-Editing Component

page 308

12.9 Ticket-Creation Component

page 310

12.10 Ticket-Editor Component

page 312

12.11 My-Tickets Component

page 318

12.12 Assign-Tickets Component

page 323

12.13 Security Considerations with AJAX Applications

page 328

12.14 Comparing Our AJAX-Driven Application against a Standard MVC Model

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12.15 Summary

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When developing with AJAX, the first decision you need to make is how much you're going to rely on it. It's possible to use it as an optional HTML enhancement, as an integral part to specific features, or as the driver for an entire site. In this chapter's use case, we build a small trouble-ticket system using a design that is 100 percent AJAX powered. Moving to this extreme can be problematic on public sites, but it's a great choice for an internal application like this. Using this case, we can see the differences that having AJAX and JavaScript as the driving force of our development can make. We'll also see a number of techniques and design decisions that can be used in any applicationno matter how you're using AJAX.

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