Chapter 8. Libraries Used in Part II: Sarissa, Scriptaculous

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8.1 Overview of the Use Cases

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8.2 Libraries Used in Part II of This Book

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8.3 Sarissa

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8.4 Scriptaculous

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8.5 Summary

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Part I of this book gives you a good understanding of the basics of AJAX, but it doesn't give you a complete understanding of how you would implement it. Part II fills in that gap, solving real-world problems by using libraries that would be a good choice for any AJAX implementation you choose. Chapter 8 provides an introduction to two of the libraries, with Chapter 9, "Libraries Used in Part II: HTML_AJAX," following up with a third library that we will be using in the use cases.

A total of three use cases are presented in this section of the book, showing how AJAX can be used in realistic situations. The cases strive to show not only how to use specific techniques, but also how each one improves the user's experience over a standard site. They also show how you can use various open source libraries to add AJAX without a lot of hard work on your part. The libraries used throughout these use cases are covered in the rest of this chapter.

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