Section C.2. Developer Options

C.2. Developer Options




These options are of primary use to Samba developers or when tracking down a bug in the Samba source code. The --enable-debug option provides the necessary symbols for use with debuggers such as gdb. The --enable-developer option is for adding additional compiler checks. And the --enable-dmalloc option support for the dmalloc runtime memory debugging tools.


Include the internal socket wrapper libraries needed to support running a suite of regression tests driven by the make test command.


Include support for analyzing the execution time of Samba's internal code.

--with-smbtorture4-path= path

Location of the smbtorture tool built from the the SAMBA_4_0 SVN branch. The Samba 4 version of this utility offers a much wider ranges of tests than the older one included in the Samba 3.0 releases.

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