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Chapter 2: Planning

Example 2-1: Sample VM user definition

Chapter 3: z/VM Basics, Planning, and Tasks

Example 3-1: Directory entry for Linux guest

Chapter 5: Networking

Example 5-1: Examples of PING command
Example 5-2: Naming the server

Chapter 8: Domino Administration

Example 8-1: Starting Server using Domino Controller
Example 8-2: sample dcontroller.ini
Example 8-3: Logical disk
Example 8-4: show stat platform display
Example 8-5: tell router show command -partial output
Example 8-6: Continuation of tell router show command
Example 8-7: Final extract - tell show router
Example 8-8: Free-running memcheck

Chapter 9: Systems Management

Example 9-1: df command
Example 9-2: df -h command
Example 9-3: Messages log
Example 9-4: The top command
Example 9-5: TOP display
Example 9-6: vmstat output
Example 9-7: sar output
Example 9-8: Output of the indicate command
Example 9-9: indicate user command
Example 9-10: Output from indicate i/o command
Example 9-11: q dasd & q user output
Example 9-12: q mdisk
Example 9-13: Sample automated startup/shutdown script
Example 9-14: Sample profile exec
Example 9-15: Checking CPU
Example 9-16: Checking memory
Example 9-17: Checking iostats
Example 9-18: Sample dsm.sys file for TSM backup/archive client
Example 9-19: Sample dsm.sys file
Example 9-20: Sample dsm.opt file
Example 9-21: domdsmc query preferences
Example 9-22: domdsmc q domino command
Example 9-23: domdsmc q adsm command
Example 9-24: domdsmc archivelog with threshold
Example 9-25: Sample schedule for Data Protection for Lotus Domino using crontab

Chapter 14: Migrating to Domino 6.5 for Linux on zSeries

Example 14-1: Using different filenames during FTP

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