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Chapter 2: Planning

Table 2-1: DASD Volumes and recommended sizes
Table 2-2: Our Domino environment

Chapter 4: Disk Configuration

Table 4-1: Filesystems to share
Table 4-2: DASD model and capacity
Table 4-3: UNIX file permission bits
Table 4-4: Permission bits and their meaning
Table 4-5: Domino files and their permission bits
Table 4-6: Domino filesystems

Chapter 6: Linux Installation

Table 6-1: Linux for zSeries distributions
Table 6-2: Linux installation worksheet
Table 6-3: DASD and filesystem worksheet

Chapter 7: Domino Installation

Table 7-1: Product information on Domino CD
Table 7-2: Domino installation checklist
Table 7-3: Linux kernel settings
Table 7-4: Recommended settings for the installation script:

Chapter 8: Domino Administration

Table 8-1: Settings for Domino Controller
Table 8-2: Example of Domino controller commands
Table 8-3: Levels of access
Table 8-4: Mail probe - basic settings
Table 8-5: Mail probe - probe settings
Table 8-6: Mail probe - miscellaneous settings
Table 8-7: Tivoli Analyzer for Lotus Domino tools
Table 8-8: New Domino 6.5 features

Chapter 14: Migrating to Domino 6.5 for Linux on zSeries

Table 14-1: JavaScript events
Table 14-2: @functions and commands to check for

Appendix A: Our Test System

Table A-1: User IDs for Domino
Table A-2: The values we used in this project
Table A-3: DASD @ system

Appendix B: Linux Commands and Scripts

Table B-1: Useful Linux commands

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