Chapter 8 -- Saving and Printing Your Work

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Chapter 8

What do you do with a drawing or diagram when you're finished working on it? Save and print it, usually. Visio saves and prints like other Microsoft Office applications. Saving can be as simple as pressing Ctrl+S, and printing is as easy as pressing Ctrl+P. However, Visio provides more complex saving options that are useful when you need to perform tasks such as distributing your work to others. For instance, you can save your drawing file with protections that prevent others from changing it.

When you want to share your work with others, you can distribute drawing files using e-mail or print copies. Visio's printing options are different from other Microsoft Office applications because your drawing or diagram can be any size, so it might not fit on your printer's paper. The sections on printing in this chapter help you figure out how to get drawings and diagrams of all sizes to print the way you want.

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