Chapter 7 -- Using Visio Diagrams with Other Programs

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Chapter 7

Perhaps that report you're creating in Microsoft Word or the e-mail message you're composing would be clearer if you included a Visio flowchart of the process. Maybe you want to display your organization chart on a Microsoft PowerPoint slide. In most organizations, people create and share information in a number of different applications, and Visio is one of many desktop programs. Visio is designed to work with other applications. Diagrams and shapes can be displayed in other documents in a variety of ways, and information from other applications can be displayed in Visio as well.

As a member of the Microsoft Office family, Visio provides many of the same tools as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for sharing information. For example, you can use object linking and embedding (OLE) to place information from one application in another. You can also save Visio diagrams in alternative file formats, including Web-compatible graphics formats like GIF and JPEG. Just as you can use Visio data in different ways in other applications, you can pull all kinds of graphic or text information into Visio drawings.

This chapter provides the ins and outs of getting data in and out of Visio.

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