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parsing Apache configuration file 
partial downloads 
    authentication  2nd 
    managing .htpasswd files 
    password file for Digest authentication 
    preventing brute-force attacks 
    single use 
PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) 
perchild MPM 
    minimizing impact of .htaccess files 
Perl CGI programs, speeding up 
Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) 
PerlHandler directive 
PerlRun mode 
permanent redirection 
    dynamic content 
    module installation on Windows 
    script handling, enabling 
    seeing syntax-enhanced source without setting up symbolic links 
    verifying installation 
port-based virtual hosting 
POST logging 
prefork MPM 
private key, generating 
process creation, optimizing 
proxies  [See also proxy servers]2nd 
    filtering proxied content 
    logging IP address 
    logging requests 
    restricting access to URLs 
proxy directory  2nd 
proxy servers
    configuring caching 
    content filter, using as 
    forwarding requests to 
    preventing being used as open relay 
ProxyBlock directive  2nd 
ProxyPass directive  2nd  3rd 
ProxyPassReverse directive  2nd 
Python module, installing 

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