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dates, last modified 
DAVLockDB location 
debug log level 
debugging  [See troubleshooting]
DefaultType directive 
Deny directive  2nd 
Deny from all directive 
Deny from directive 
Digest authentication 
    versus Basic 
    #exec SSI directive 
    #include directive 
    <Directory>  2nd 
    <VirtualHost> log 
    <VirtualHost> section  [See <VirtualHost> section directive]
    AddHandler  [See AddHandler]
    Alias  [See Alias directive]
    aliasing several URLs 
    Allow from 
    Allow from all 
    config SSI 
    CustomLog  [See CustomLog directive]
    Deny  2nd 
    Deny from 
    Deny from all 
    ErrorDocument  [See ErrorDocument directive]
    ErrorDocument 403 
    ErrorDocument 404 
    ErrorLog  [See ErrorLog directive]
    in <Directory proxy:*> section 
    Include  2nd 
    LogFormat  [See LogFormat directive]
    LogLevel  [See LogLevel directive]
    MaxSpareServers  2nd 
    MMapFile  2nd 
    NameVirtualHost  [See NameVirtualHost directive]
    not having a direct effect 
    Options  [See Options directive]
    outside any <VirtualHost> 
    placing properly 
    ProxyBlock  2nd 
    ProxyPass  2nd  3rd 
    ProxyPassReverse  2nd 
    Redirect  [See Redirect directive]
    RedirectMatch  2nd  3rd 
    regular expressions and 
    Require file-owner directive 
    RewriteCond  [See RewriteCond directive]
    RewriteRule  [See RewriteRule directive]
    Satisfy  [See Satisfy directive]
    ScriptAlias  2nd 
    ScriptInterpreterSource  2nd 
    sections and 
    SSI  [See SSI directive]
    SSI #include 
    SSI include 
    User  [See User directive]
    various formats including HTTP status codes 
    CGI (see CGI programs
        disabling indexing 
    setting file permissions 
    turning into hostnames 
DirectoryIndex directive  2nd  3rd 
    server, name-based virtual hosts and 
    directories  2nd 
    names, turning into argument 
downloading Apache sources 
dynamic content  2nd  [See also CGI programs]
    giving its own dedicated server 
    HTML files 

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