Section 3.6. Action Items

3.6. Action Items

Here are some action items for you to take to optimize your web site and pages for search engine placement:

  • Learn to view your site as a bot sees it (as text-only).

  • Determine if you need to exclude search engine bots from portions of your site (or, if you already do exclude bots partially or completely, review the exclusion and change it if necessary so your site can be indexed).

  • Use an include to add sitewide meta tag and description information. Tweak the meta information for the site's major content areas or for individual pages.

  • Create a mostly text, easily navigable site.

  • Check for, and fix, any broken links.

  • Work to add appropriate inbound, outbound, and cross links.

  • Choose keywords that make sense for your content, and the traffic you are seeking, and add them to the important elements of your page content.

  • Make sure your site avoids overaggressive SEO practices.

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