Chapter 11. Networking Without Wires


  • Understanding networks in general

  • Hardware components of a wired network

  • Adding Wi-Fi capability to an existing network versus creating a Wi-Fi network from scratch

  • Equipment you'll need to add Wi-Fi capability to your network or to create a Wi-Fi network

Wireless networkingWi-Fiis a great tool for more than mobile computing. You can use Wi-Fi at home or in the office to construct a network without the hassle (and expense) of dealing with wires and drilling holes through the walls. Furthermore, using Wi-Fi for your home or small office network gives you the freedom to work wherever you'd like: in the garden, in the kitchen, in bed, or maybe even in a bubble bath. (Where are waterproof laptops when you need them?)

This chapter provides an overview of what it takes to set up a wireless network in the wondrous world that has no snaking tangles of wire. I'll also point you in the right direction for more in-depth coverage in this book of specific topics related to wireless networking.

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