Chapter 4. Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions


    Section 4.1.  Regular Expression Syntax

    Section 4.2.  Using regexes in Java: Test for a Pattern

    Section 4.3.  Finding the Matching Text

    Section 4.4.  Replacing the Matched Text

    Section 4.5.  Printing All Occurrences of a Pattern

    Section 4.6.  Printing Lines Containing a Pattern

    Section 4.7.  Controlling Case in Regular Expressions

    Section 4.8.  Matching "Accented" or Composite Characters

    Section 4.9.  Matching Newlines in Text

    Section 4.10.  Program: Apache Logfile Parsing

    Section 4.11.  Program: Data Mining

    Section 4.12.  Program: Full Grep

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